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  Pronunciation of the letter "u"/sound [y] - INTRODUCTIVE VIDEO

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Introduction to the pronunciation tutorials (French phonetics).
In the video on the left, we explain to you how the video tutorials of this section of Clip Class' work: These are short clips which guide you progressively so you can learn how to pronounce some French sounds (vowels and consonants).

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This part is the same for every sound > > use the "skip" button if you already know this video clip.


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Note for teachers: The series "Pronunciation of the letter "u"/sound [y] " are part of the presentation of six phonemes of the French language by means of short video sequences, accompanied by transcriptions for the French versions. This presentation consists of multilingual tutorials for English, Spanish and German-speaking beginners (level A1). These sequences have appeal to diverse methods and techniques such as articulatory phonetics, the relationship to the written form, associative methods, phonological opposition and others.