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The project Clip Class' is still under construction (fortunately:))

The part called Visions arises from a master project in Open and Distance Learning (master 2 GAF, Montpelier 3). You will find some extra resources (training path, detailed plan) for this part here. I thank Rocco, Charlène, Benjamin, Nicolas and Jean for their spontaneous cooperation, Christian Ollivier for his help and the Language Center of the University of Salzburg for the support.

Other contents are added progressively: a phonetics section, a grammar section, and a forum. Teachers who are interested in organizing exchanges between remote groups can contact me (see address below) for the creation of a forum section. Recently, the site - or at least, the main pages and the new sections - exist in four versions, that is, in four languages (French, German, English, Spanish)in order to make the contents more accessible to beginners and to facilitate learning autonomy. A special thank you to Jacky Grondin !

Recently, Clip Class' also accommodates a Moodle platform which proposes courses (subject to charges): French courses (other languages might be added) including teachers and tutoring, audio chat sessions, diverse tasks and a progression adapted to users. Here you will find an information page, a demo and an open Info Space>> COURS MOODLE

For a better orientation: here is a general site map of the site.

Thank you for telling me about any kind of problem or abuse; thanks too for your comments and critics!

Contact: Ulrike Albers