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 SAY HI TO THEM IN FRENCH: Write and send your web card   


Here, you can send a card to say BONJOUR to your friends... it's free !



- You don't know what to say ? get examples for cards in French >>

- You don't know how to say it in French ? useful expressions for writing a card/an email >>

- Choose a card and send your BONJOUR choose a card >>

écrire carte BONJOUR

Steps to follow in order to learn how to write a card in French and to send a bonjour (say hello to your friends):

1. Look at the examples of cards and emails

2. Open the page with the expressions: form of address - say bonjour, bonsoir, je t'aime, à bientôt etc. (Hi, Hallo, I love you, Cheers...); useful expressions for writing a card or an email - ask comment ça va etc. (how are you...); some ideas to compose your message

3. Go to the page to choose your card (the image)

  • choose an image
  • fill in the form (required: title, your name, your address, recipient, message)
  • click on the button "Preview"
  • click on "Send the web card"
This page: Write and send a card in French. Steps of the activity: looking at the card examples, getting to know some expressions in order to learn how to compose a message (for a wabcard, an email, a postcard), using these expressions by sending a BONJOUR card (WebCard Clip Class': images to say bonjour, ça va, je t'aime etc.) to a friend/your friends.